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The next growing gaming organization and business. Open minded individuals looking forward to push the gaming scene further with teamwork and drive. Gaming is a past time for millions of kids and adults while for some, it's a source of income and competition.

the background


Based out of Northwest Indiana, this group was created as a hope to one day organize tournaments and an organization to sponsor teams. After seeing what gaming can do for people in a bad state of mind or how it can open up the creative mind for some, I have decided to try and make something that others can represent and know that our brand is there to help and grow.

Tyler "Razors"- Owner




Gamers & Links

Xbl(PSN): Razors Renegade(TW_Razors)

Xbl: Poor Chris


Xbl: BGWolves18

Xbl: Tex I

Xbl: FPS F r o s t y




Gaming and productions

Our team is always trying to improve and what better way to help us do that than joining? We are striving to acquire talent and friendly players to make our community grow and attract newcomers. If you feel like being apart of this team then please click below!

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